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Social Good Instigators is a podcast featuring social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders. While social entrepreneurship is not a new concept (the term was first introduced in the early 1970’s) it has been receiving more attention of late. The goal of each interview is to share advice from social entrepreneurs for social entrepreneurs. Our hope is that listeners will learn ways to ensure their endeavor succeeds and thrives.

This podcast was originally launched in July 2015 as The Nonprofit Leader’s Network Podcast. There were 44 episodes broadcast as part of that initiative that covered topics ranging from board development to program development to fundraising. There have been over 33,800 downloads so far!

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

You might be wondering to yourself what I mean by social entrepreneurship. While there are multiple definitions available (with some of those conflicting), I’m a little partial to the one the European Commission uses:

A social enterprise is an operator in the social economy whose main objective is to have a social impact rather than make a profit for their owners or shareholders. It operates by providing goods and services for the market in an entrepreneurial and innovative fashion and uses its profits primarily to achieve social objectives. It is managed in an open and responsible manner and, in particular, involves employees, consumers and stakeholders affected by its commercial activities.

Social enterprises can be for- or non-profit. I’m particularly interested in organizations that are meeting social service/employment needs and/or are funding their endeavors in unique ways.

Be a Guest on the Show!

Do you know a social entrepreneur who would have some good tips and wisdom to share? Please have them email and share what they’re up to. By using the subject line “I’d like to be a guest on the podcast” you’ll make sure your email gets read.

About Your Host: Kirsten Bullock

Kirsten is a Ph.D. student in Entrepreneurship at the University of Louisville (starting August 2017). She has 20+ years serving the nonprofit sector, first as a staff member and later as a consultant and entrepreneur. She’s launched (and sold) two brands including The Nonprofit Academy and the Nonprofit Leaders Network.

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Apr 30, 2018

Communication is at the heart of work in the nonprofit sector. Whether in our relationships with donors, sponsors, staff, or those we serve, clear communication, with information the recipient sees as useful is essential. In this episode, Lynn O’Connor Vos, the new CEO of the Muscular Dystrophy Association will be...

Apr 16, 2018

We’re told to do more with less, but sometimes, it pays to invest in the infrastructure of our organizations. On this episode, Travis Laws, President and chief Executive of WIN Warehouse, based in St. Louis Missouri, will be sharing with us about the value of investing in your organization and the importance of...

Apr 2, 2018

What do you think about leadership in the nonprofit sector? In this episode, we’ll be talking with Marc A. Pitman about a report he just commissioned called ‘The Wake-Up Call.’ He’ll share a few of the highlights from the report, information about benefits and risks for different styles of nonprofit leadership,...

Mar 19, 2018

Do you ever wonder what the next generation is interested in and how they choose to be involved with, and give to, different charities? Listen in as Sharna Goldseker, co-author of How Next Gen Donors are Revolutionizing Giving shares some insights into this topic – and about her personal giving journey....

Mar 5, 2018

If you’re running a small and growing nonprofit, this show is definitely for you. Sandy Rees will be sharing all sorts of tips and ideas about fundraising, time management, and communicating clearly with your core audiences. She also mentions in the interview a free upcoming webinar where she’ll go more...